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Hotel Style Crispy Masala Dosai | Secret of crispy Masala Dosa | Chana Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is one of the yummy tasty South Indian Dosa Variety which is the king of all breakfast recipes. This is a high calorie breakfast recipe which gives a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Here I have shared you the recipe for making crispy masala dosa filled with Chana masala. You can also use potato masala. Read the recipe and try and relish.

Chana Masala Dosai

Chana stuffed dosa

Ingredients needed for making Masala Dosa

Urad dal - 1 /2 cup
Idli rice - 2 cups
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp.
Salt as required.

Method for making Masala for Masala Dosa

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Masala for dosa

Click here to view Chana Masala

Method for making Masala Dosa

1. Take all the ingredients in a wide vessel add enough water and wash it thrice. Now add 2 litres of water and soak for 2 hours in room temperature.

2. After 2 hours grind this to fine batter. Take care not to grind very fine it must be little coarser.

3. Add enough salt mix well and allow this to ferment for 4 hours.

4. Now the batter is ready to make dosas. You can refrigerate and use this for 4 days.

5. Now take the required amount of batter in a container and add 1 tsp. of sugar so that the sugar will caramalise and gives a brown colour to the dosa.

6. Pour a ladle full of batter to a heated dosa tawa it should be thick in the middle and thin around the sides.

7. Mix ghee and groundnut oil in a small bowl and add this around the dosa. Close this with a lid.

8. Now place the masala and just close the dosa. You can use either potato masala or chana masala

Yummy Fantastic Masala Dosa is ready to be served with Coconut chutney and Tiffin sambar. 

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