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High Calorie Healthy Chapathi for Growing Children - Fried Gram, Groundnuts, Almonds Cashews mixed Rotis - Breakfast Recipe for kids

High calorie chapathi recipe is very good for kids and growing children. Instead of making normal rotis you can just mix the powdered almonds and cashews which are rich antioxidants. They have quite a number of health benefits and boosts the immune system of your kid. Try this recipe and make your breakfast a healthy one.

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High Calorie Nuts Chapathi

Ingredients for making Healthy Roti

Wheat Flour - 1 cup

Fried Gram - 3 tsp.

Groundnuts - 3 tsp.

Cashews - 5 nos.

Almonds - 5 nos.

Ghee as required.

Salt as required.

Method for making Healthy Roti

1. Grind the fried gram, groundnuts, cashews and almonds to a coarse powder form in a mixer.

2. Mix the above powder with the wheat flour, add the required amount of salt and ghee and knead well to form a soft dough.

3. Roll this into chappathis and cook this in a dosa tawa till you get a golden brown colour with ghee.

Now the yummy Roti is ready to be served for your kids.

Serve this Hot Roti with any of  the following Chapathi Side dish:

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