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About Me

Mangala's Kitchen contains recipes which are tried and tasted by me at home. I Love cooking because I love eating. I am a food lover and always wanted to taste perfect food. I learned cooking from my mom who is my favorite chef. I used to search the net for a variety of recipes for trying in the kitchen. I compare many food blogs for making any breakfast or any food item. This has improved my cooking style and now I love the food I make. I make my food according to my preference and taste.

Friends keep in mind that food should be tasty but at the same time it should be healthy we must know to cook tasty food using little oil and spices. Try to use oil, salt and sugar sparingly so that your food can be good for all ages.

I am a Research Scholar in Biochemistry so I have a thorough knowledge about Nutrition and Dietetics. I would like to thank my hubby Mr. Rajesh for his constant encouragement and also for designing this blog.

Healthy Food is the best food.

I dedicate this blog to my Dad (Late) Mr. V. Elumalai and my Mom (Late) Mrs. Sumathi Elumalai. 

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