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Crispy Thattai Recipe | Thattai Murukku | Krishna jayanthi Recipes | Diwali Recipe

Thattai is one of the popular deep fried Tamil Nadu Snack Recipe which is done during Krishna Jayanthi and Diwali. These crispy thattai are made using rice flour, urad dal, chana dal, etc. and has got a spicy and crispy texture.

Thattai Recipe

Ingredients for making Thattai

Rice flour : 2 cups
Urad dal flour: 2 tbsps
Asafoetida: A pinch
Red chilli powder: 1 tsp.
Chana dal: 1 tbsp.
Urad dal: 1 tbsp.
Sesame seeds: 1 tbsp.
A sprig of curry leaves
2 tablespoon Butter
Salt as needed
Water as needed
Oil for deep frying

Method for making Thattai

1. Wash and Soak channa dal and urad dal for 1 hr.

2. Dry roast rice flour in medium flame for 1 minute. Take care not to over roast.

3. Take a wide bottommed vessel and mix roasted rice flour, urad dal flour, curry leaves, asafoetida, red chilli powder, salt, softened butter, sesame seeds and the soaked chana dal and urad dal.

4. Sptinle water little by little to make a smooth non sticky dough. 

5. Make equal sized balls from the dough and keep it covered.

6. Spread a dry cloth or plastic cover place the ball and spread it to thin thattai. Do not pat it too thin as it will be difficult to take them off from the cloth.

7. Carefully take them off from the cloth by inverting it on one hand and drop in hot oil. Cook in medium flame.

8. Flip and cook till the bubbles completely stops.

9. After the bubbles stops, cook for 1 more minute in medium flame to completely cook the thattai.

10. Drain in tissue paper and after it cools store in an air tight container.

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