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Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli Payasam | Vermicelli Milk Kheer

Semiya payasam / Vermicelli Payasam is one of the simple and easy to make Kids delight. Semiya is roasted in ghee and flavored with elachi and nuts with the goodness of milk. This is made during poojas in South India.

Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli Payasam
Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli Payasam

Ingredients for making Semiya Payasam

Semiya - 1 cup
Milk - 1 litre
Ghee - 4 tbsp.
Cashewnuts - 10
Dried grapes - 5-6
Sugar - 1 1/2 cups
Cardomom  powder - 1/4 spoon

Method for making Semiya Payasam

1. Heat ghee in a kadai put the semiya (Vermicelli) and fry till hot to touch. Add a cup of boiling water and cook till it is soft. Set aside.

2. Boil the milk and then add the cooked semiya. Bring it to a boil and allow to stand in a low flame for 10 minutes till it gets blended with milk.

4. Add sugar and elachi powder, stir well till the sugar gets mixed well.

5. Heat ghee in a small pan and fry the cashews and dried grapes.

6. Add the fried nuts to the payasam.

Serve this Semiya kheer hot or cold.

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