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Chennai Hotel Style Idli Recipe | Idli using idli Rava | Soft Idli Recipe

Idli is one of the healthy breakfast recipes of South India which can be steam cooked and prepared within few minutes. Idly is the best preferred breakfast for kids as well as old people because it is easy to make, light and no oil. It is preferred even for 1 year babies because it is very easily digestible. The secret of soft idlis depends upon the way we prepare the batter. Here I have given you the recipe of preparing idli with idli rava which is more easy and most preferred as it takes less time for batter preparation. This is the method which most of the hotels in Chennai follow. The idlis prepared using idli rava crumble in sambar and thus there are lots of fans for this hotel idli.

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Idli using idli Rava

Idli using idli Rava

Ingredients for making Soft Idlis

Idli Rava - 3 cups
Aval/Poha/Beaten Rice - 1/2 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp.
Urad dal - 1 cups
Salt as required.

Method for making Spongy idlis

1. Wash and Soak Idli rava with enough water for about 4 hours.

2. Soak urad dal, poha and fenugreek seeds in water for 4 hours.

3. Now drain the water from urad dal mixture and grind it in a grinder by adding water now and then. Fine grind this till the batter becomes fluffy and frothy. This may take 30-40 minutes.

5. Transfer this to a big container and keep aside.

6. Now drain water from soaked idli rava. Squeeze the water from the idli rava or else the idli may become watery. 

7. Add this to the ground urad dal with enough water and mix well. (You can also add the idli rava to the urad dal in grinder before transfering to the container and mix well).  

7. Mix well using your hands as this may aid in fermentation.

8. Allow this to ferment for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.

9. Grease the idli plates with gingelly oil and pour the batter and steam cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

10. Now the soft Hotel style idli is ready to be served with Sambhar and chutney.

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